Aruba Art Fair Murals is an annual mural arts program to inspire our community and specially San Nicolas. A once forgotten city is now being transformed with the help of local and international artists creating of San Nicolas into Aruba’s only Mural District. As we take over homes & buildings, we leave behind murals that transform buildings into public art. The idea is to turn the forgotten city of San Nicolas into an Art District where one can enjoy galleries, art & crafts and our murals.

In The Spotlight

In 2018 our main focus will be Bibloteca San Nicolas. This building will be intervened by a known artist; Chemis, who has already made 3 murals on Aruba.

Leon Keer will come back to make yet another anamorphic work of art. Bordalo II will be creating another animal made out of trash.

Bibloteca Nacional Aruba - San Nicolas

2017 Murals

All murals done during Aruba Art Fair 2017

2016 Murals

All murals done during Aruba Art Fair 2016

Murals Map

Easy as 1 2 3 to find our murals.