Nature & Faces is an annual photography competition designed to bring forward the diversity of the local community and the beauty within our flora and fauna.

The Nature & Faces project started in 2017 with the aim to bring our photographers into the spotlight and also to scout for new talents. It brought us 37 photographers and 39 beautiful pictures.

This photography competition is open for all types of photographers. So what are you waiting for?!


Registration is open till September 25th 2018.

Morning Splendor by Harold Kelly


Morning Splendor by Harrold Kelly

This image was taken on a Saturday morning at 7:04AM. I woke up early and went in this unnamed “rooi” to shoot before sunrise. I wanted to shoot this specific place for a while and wanted to wait till it was a bit greener to get different textures and colors along the hills. While I was setting up my camera in the rooi I didn’t like the view and wanted to get a better vantage point so I decided to climb up the rock face to get more depth of the landscape. Once there I looked for the best angle that would give a sense of the sheer depth of the rooi which cut through the rolling hills trough time.



Hombi’ Coco by Mario Gonsalves

I was on my way to Baby Beach in San Nicolas when I saw the coconut man in the hot sun sitting by himself as he watches the shore infront of him. As any other local I stopped for some fresh coconut water!

Regardless if this man has been sitting there for hours or minutes without a client, the vibe that he gave when preparing my coconut is something truly unique to the island. The charisma, the jokes and the singing, I just had to take a shot of him! So I grabbed the camera just as he was finishing up. He cleans the table, I run over, and he throws what is left of the coconut to the birds and I snap!

I knew I had something special, when I was home I realized just how special this capture was.

Hombi’ Coco by Mario Gonsalves