The Aruba Art Fair is seeking volunteers to assist with all aspects of our event. Our team leaders will help you understand your role and how you can bring your best to our events. We need the assistance of: media, hospitality, arrangers, writers, drivers, heavy lifting / moving, thinking, graphic design, pushers – you name it we need it!


Art Activity Zone (age 14+)

This is where creative Volunteers help with make-and-take art projects. If you love working with kids, this is the perfect spot for you! At the end of the Fair, Volunteers will help pack up supplies and clean up the area.


Artist Hospitality Tent (age 18+)

Volunteers are responsible for keeping food and beverages stocked for artists and sponsors as well as maintaining the appearance of the tent. At the end of the Fair, Volunteers will help pack up supplies and clean up the area.

ARUBA ART FAIR 2016 Official Artwork

Barricade Duty (age 18+)

Volunteers help people with the appropriate credentials to access the Art Fair site, answer questions and redirect traffic away from the barricades as appropriate. Firm and friendly folks welcome! Must be familiar with Ann Arbor.


Booth-sitter (age 17+)

Artists will love you! This is the biggest Volunteer task at the Fair. As a booth-sitter, you cover Artists’ booths to allow them to take breaks, which are scheduled in half hour increments (check with each Artist to see how he/she wants you to handle potential buyers and additional questions).


Floater/Runner (age 16+)

If you are flexible and easygoing, this is the spot for you. Floaters are assigned to one of the above roles as needed. Due to the nature of the Art Fair, it is incredibly helpful to have a handful of Floaters to fill in the gaps of unforeseen situations during every shift.


Information Booth/Greeter (age 17+)

The Information Booth is the perfect location for anyone who really knows their way around Ann Arbor. You are the answer-person for many Art Fair goers. Clear and friendly information helps make the Visitor feel welcome. One or two volunteers each shift will be assigned to the satellite Information Booth.


The Store (age 16+)

Volunteers with retail and merchandising experience are perfect for this location. Volunteers help sell Art Fair merchandise and posters. If you’re good at display or have retail experience, this is the place for you. At the end of the Art Fair, Volunteers help pack up supplies and clean up the area.


Volunteer Central (age 17+)

Volunteers keep water and snacks replenished at the Volunteer Central tent, which serves as the check-in and break area for all Volunteers. In addition, you assist staff in organizing Volunteers and coordinating the Volunteer Raffle.

Register to be a Volunteer at Aruba Art Fair

Terms and Conditions

  • Applicants must be 16 years and over and IDs are required for verification. Aruba Art Fair (AAF) has the right not to accept applicants below the age of 16.
  • Applicant agrees upon signing application form that photographs taken during the AAF event may be utilized for publicity & marketing purposes.
  • All photographic images taken by AAF photographers or on behalf of AAF remain the property of AAF
  • AAF advises that this is Voluntary work and does not include any monetary exchange.
  • I understand that the hours of work may be long and involve late nights.
  • I understand that AAF has the right to terminate my association without prior notice if I am in breach of any of the conditions as set out in this Registration Form.
  • I understand and agree that while working as a volunteer with AAF I will remain professional, courteous and helpful undertaking the duties as directed by AAF Crew.
  • Volunteers will be issued with an AAF uniform consisting of a printed t shirt which must be worn at the event.